Solved HBR Case Solution: A Post Mortem Of The Bankers Trust Internal Consulting Group By Neal A. C. Braver (Download Now)

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Bankers Trust had a competitive internal consulting group. Essentially, internal consulting was creative and innovative in its execution as it employed people, trained them and eventually place them in different departments across the company. Effectively, it involved realization of each employee’s intrinsic interests and eventually the consideration of their best fit in the company. However, this innovative group could not survive long. In 1997, when Bankers Trust came under cost-cutting, mergers and other issues, the internal consulting group had to shut down. The group at that time employed 33 people including the manager. Tony Brown was the consulting group’s managing director. He was a focused, hard-working and determined professional, who wanted his group to survive against all odds. He was a strong leader, who handled the group well and had integrated all the employees. His vision took the group forward and changed the entire outlook to a newly defined competitive structure. As now, not only did he make the team work on current solutions and issues but helped them plan forward for the next year also. Nevertheless, when the group was asked to be dissolved, Brown was put in an awkward situation to give this news to his team and also help them move on and find new jobs.


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