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Questions covered in Solution

  • In the bulldog advertising video, what is the relationship between the bulldog and the MINI…does the ad contrast the bulldog and the car by focusing on differences, does it say that the car is like to the bulldog by focusing on similarities, or other? Why a bulldog (and not a poodle nor a pig nor a Porsche)? In sum, what is the advertisement’s message?
  • How are owners to view and relate to other people? Discuss the “Let’s Put Away the Middle Finger” billboard. Also talk about what this billboard says about the personality and goals of the MINI owners.
  • How did the launch address the local culture of America? Is it appealing because it is non-American? Discuss the travel postcard here, discussing what the images portray in terms of culture, what values/goals are upheld and highlighted.
  • According to the case, what vehicles already existed at the time in the “small car segment,” and what possibly might “a premium entry” offer relative to existing models? Put another way, 1) what was the competition (needs already fulfilled)? 2) How is premium defined for vehicles?
  • In what ways, if at all, does MINI offer emotional benefits? Which ones might it offer? Which ones does it not offer?
  • Describing the “MINI mindset.”

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